In a world full of alarming developments, the question is whether it is at all possible to change things. It was exactly this question that led us to MANY CHILDREN ONE WORLD.

Global Art + Peace Project


With art and creativity, we build bridges of understanding between Me – You – Us – My World – Your World – ONE WORLD


A global community that thinks and acts for the collective good of all life on earth – way beyond race, belief, origin and gender.


Peace is living in fair relationships. Variety is our most profound uniformity.

Guidelines: Human rights, international law, SDGs


  • Publishes lithography at the United Nations, NYC

  • Introduces the world into the classroom
  • Creates the largest peace flag in the world

  • Excites pupils: “The best project day ever!“

  • Inspires thousands of young people


School Projects

“It is our profound belief that the time is ripe for peace.” Besides, we are convinced that the best way to societal and cultural change towards a peaceful human community is via children and young people.


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Children can make change and peace happen. One part of MANY CHILDREN ONE WORLD is the creation of the WIKI PEACE database. A kind of Wikipedia on peace and sustainability supporting the inspiration and teaching of children and youngsters.

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Global Exhibition

Art that unites people:

7 continents – 7 locations


Join in!

This is how easy it is to participate in MANY CHILDREN ­ONE WORLD:

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1. Be informed

Subscribe to the “Peaceletter” and join a community of like-minded change makers.

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2. Fly the flag

Get the tools and gear up for bringing peace to your community. Get your own World Peace Flag and take a stand for peace.

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3. Donate

Your support will enable art + peace projects around the world.

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4. Do your bit

Tell us about your strengths and become part of a great committed team.


In November 2019, pupils of the Christianeum (secondary school in Hamburg) wrote a fantastic Peace Song. Soon, we’ll be back at their school for the studio recording …

Dr. Michael Hoppe
Founder – Steps For Children; Bearer of the Bundesverdienstkreuz (Federal Cross of Merit)
It is a joy to see the dedication that Valerie Mouton Rosenzweig, the founder of the MANY CHILDREN ONE WORLD Foundation, and the artist Frank Rosenzweig show in their endeavors for peace and the global interconnecting of children.
Singer Songwriter Eva Keretic
Eva Keretic
Singer Songwriter - Climate activist
Being a part of the MANY CHILDREN ONE WORLD team has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. From the birth of the concept to the implementation and development of the ideas, Frank and Valerie are advocates of a philanthropic message that encourages youth through artistic expression to express a global desire for a better world. Through their efforts they not only inspire the next generation but speak to the hopeful child in us all.
Karsten Eichhorn
Photographer, Activist, MANY CHILDREN ONE WORLD Ambassador
An international consciousness booster. Connecting - Touching - Crossing networks