Children make change and peace happen

One part of MANY CHILDREN ­ONE WORLD is the creation of a database. A kind of Wikipedia on peace and sustainability. This database is called WIKI PEACE and supports the inspiration and teaching of children and youngsters.

On our journey through schools, national & international, during visits to the United Nations and in the course of extensive research, we met very special children and teenagers. Young heroes who have performed great things for peace and sustainability.


unites and demonstrates the numerous players and their outstanding performance on the path to a better world.

A database is growing:


Find here the young heroes of peace and sustainability.


So that good news is spread all over the world.

Words & Pictures

About the young heroes and their work.

Short, exciting, contemporary.


They take you along into the world of the young heroes. Show you how something small can be turned into something big.

Give courage and inspire.

The Law of Nations & Human Rights

The tools for a fair world.

Clearly explained


The sustainability goals of the United Nations.

17 ways to a better world.

Wiki Software

Enables everyone to join in.

Together we are creating the encyclopaedia of global change makers.