It is our profound belief that the time is ripe for peace.

Besides, we are convinced that the best way to societal and cultural change towards a peaceful human community is via children and young people.

Our approach is an arty and playful examination of the topic: “MANY CHILDREN ONE WORLD”

We create spaces where young people feel noticed and respected. Where they feel invited to creatively rethink the future.

Our educational objective is the realization that people are different and that this variety constitutes our most profound uniformity. And as our motto “MANY CHILDREN ONE WORLD“ indicates, we are many and only have one world. That requires tolerance, respect and a solution-oriented conflict culture.


“This is why every child learns particularly well anything that triggers its enthusiasm.”
Neurobiologist and didactic researcher, Dr. Prof. Gerald Hüther

Our team comprises of professional artists of all disciplines. Depending on the possibilities, we work with individual classes or entire schools from one day up to a whole week.

Our program entails:

  • Design, paint and hoist world peace flags
  • Songwriting
  • Paint the portrait of another pupil
  • Poetry Slam
  • Dance
  • Theater
  • Media Design
  • Presentation of all artwork during a major final event
  • The interconnection via Internet with another school completely elsewhere in the world

The world in the classroom – hands-on international understanding

The possibility to communicate freely with almost every person on earth is a singular opportunity for future generations.

Work creatively first, then make friends with like-minded pupils entirely elsewhere in the world.

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